label bar labels and WRF contour

From: David B. Reusch <dreusch_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Nov 17 2011 - 11:22:41 MST

Not sure if this is NCL or the WRF NCL scripts so you're both getting
this email. I've been trying to create a soil category plot from
geogrid data starting from the vegland_1
<> example on
the NCL site. The problem I can't seem to resolve is that in my label
bar I can either get (a) 16 number labels and 17 label boxes or (b) 15
number labels + "Label 15" and 16 label boxes (for my 16 category soil
data). I've tried to follow this through the WRFUserARW.ncl code but
have given up (after trying lots of variations...). Although I am
providing a lbUserLabels all the way through (as far as I can tell),
this seems to be being ignored at some level I haven't nailed down.

I have put the file dbr_wrf_plot_lb.tgz at the ftp incoming site. It
has my script, my input file and an output file.

Dave Reusch

Associate Research Professor of Climatology
Dept of Earth and Environmental Science
MSEC 304; 801 Leroy Place
New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801

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