adjusting the position of a line label string in a legend so that it can be centered whatever value of lgBoxMinorExtentF is used

From: leroux Marie-Dominique <marie-dominique.leroux_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2013 - 07:25:49 MST


I'm trying to plot a legend on a "gsn_csm_xy" plot using the command:

legend = create "Legend" legendClass wks

provided in one of your your examples online

specific important lines for me are:
     "lgItemType" : "Lines"
     "lgLineLabelStrings" : (/"", "", "NI", "PO", "PI","NO"/) ;
line labels
     "lgLabelStrings" : (/" PV tendency", " Total PV flux", "
Inward flux of Negative PV", " Outward flux of Positive PV", " Inward
flux of Positive PV", " Outward flux of Negative PV"/) ; labels
  "lgBoxMinorExtentF" : 0.5 ; to shorten the legend lines

because I wish to draw strings on each line plus a large legend at the
right of each line, so I need to shorten the length of the lines.
My concern is that, once I reduce the line length, line label strings
are not centered on the lines anymore they stay at the right, see
example attached) so that I can not shorten the lines more than using
"lgBoxMinorExtentF" : 0.5 (e.g.: "lgBoxMinorExtentF" : 0.4 make
line labels disappear).

I noticed that the following commands:
     "lgAutoManage" : False ; to control the label
font height directly
    "lgLabelJust" : "CenterLeft"

make it possible to write the legend at the left of each line (instead
of the right)

Is there a similar command to adjust line label strings (such as
"lgLineLabelJust" : "CenterCenter")? So that strings could be at the
center of each line, whatever value of lgBoxMinorExtentF is used).

  Thank you very much for your kind help,
Marie-Dominique LEROUX

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