@gsFillOpacityF does not work

From: H.Dang <danghy_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2013 - 15:01:00 MST

Hi dear NCL'er,

I wanted to add shades besides the blue curve on the graph
"Resolute_line.png" (please see attached). The way I plot this graph is

 data = new((/2,35/),float, -999.)
 data(0,:) = ozone_season
 data(1,:) = model_ozone_season

When I tried to add shades, I added the following code:

  data_stddev = new((/2,35/),"float",-999.)
  data_stddev(0,:) = ozone_season - 5
  data_stddev(1,:) = ozone_season + 5
  res@gsnXYFillColors = "cornflower blue"
  res@gsFillOpacityF = 0.5
  res@xyLineColor = -1 ; We don't want the
line, so make it transparent.
 std_plot = gsn_csm_xy(wks,data_stddev(0:1,:),pressure_sonde,res) ;
Create filled XY plot.

But res@gsFillOpacityF doesn't work for me, so the blue curve in
Resolute_line.png is totally covered by shades (please see attached
Resolute_shade.png). The warning message is:

warning:gsFillOpacityF is not a valid resource in
/Fall_SON_modelEY_ozonesonde024_Resolute_xy at this time.

The version of NCL that I'm using is 6.1.0-beta. Is there a way to add the
blue line on the shade in this version? Thank you!


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