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I am trying to plot wind profiler data with wind barbs and temperature contours drawn together, similar to the "barb_temp.gif" file that I generated using a low and high-level NCAR graphics. However, since it is not easy to work with older versions of graphics, I want to be able to better control the parameters, I want to switch to using ncl. There are two attached scripts: "test_wind.ncl" and "test_wind_temp.ncl." test_wind.ncl works fine (see barb.gid) but only for a single day at a time. First, I want to be able to draw wind barbs for each day on a different frame. When I change the day loop from a single day to multiple days, it gives an error for "fils" variable as:

fatal:Dimension sizes of left hand side and right hand side of assignment do not match
fatal:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 22 in file test_wind.ncl

Since that variable is used to read multiple data files within each day, I need to read 24 hours of data files within each day and repeat this process for the next day on a separate frame. Once I pass reading wind data files for a single day, I want to plot temperature contours on the same frame along with wind barbs using test_wind_temp.ncl script. I realize that I haven't passed the first step yet, but I still want to give you a complete picture as to what I am trying to do. When I ran "test_wind_temp.ncl" script, I get the error:

fatal:Subscript out of range, error in subscript #1
fatal:An error occurred reading TestData
fatal:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 125 in file test_wind_temp.ncl

I appreciate your help.


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