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If you want to draw three profiles on the same xy plot,you have two
options based on your script.

1. Predefine an array before your do loop for temperature, with dimensions
(profile, depth). Write each Argo float profile into the new array in the
loop, and then plot the new array, i.e.

 t = new((/nf, depth/), "float")
 s = t
do nf=0,nfili-1
  f = addfile (diri+fili(nf),"r")
  t(nf,:) = f->temperature(0,:,0,0)
  s(nf,:) = f->salinity(0,:,0,0)

end do

The gsn_csm_xy() function will plot a line for each different profile on
the same plot.

2. Use the overlay() function to add a line to an existing xy plot, rather
than generating a new plot.


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>I was working with ARGO dataset and I was able to project graphs of
>Temperature versus Pressure and Practical Salinity versus Pressure with
>the help of the code which is attached in this mail as "argo.ncl" and
>currently am trying to merge three separate graphs of one ARGO Float
>into one XY plot and am finding it difficult to do the coding of it. I
>tried my best but still am not able to get it done. The one of the images
>for the graphs of the particular float of the attached dataset is
>attached with this mail.
>Can you please help me out with the functions needed to merge the graphs
>because am still the beginner and self learner of NCL?
>Attached file names and their content:
>1). Argo_072 - image file for the graph 2). Three ".ps" files for the one
>ARGO Float 3). NCL code which I had used to project these graphs, i.e.
>Thanks and best regards.
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