Wind profile temperature array

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This is a follow up on wind plot help that I had requested earlier. Dennis kindly provided the help and the wind plot works fine now once I use "delete(filename)" function. Thank you Dennis.

I am now trying to construct 2D temperature array using hourly temperature data files that has vertical level in first column and temperature in the second column at each hour, and generate a contour plot using valid points (non-9999 values) on a height (0-1000 m) in y-drection .vs. 0-23 hour time frame in x-direction. 2D temperature array that I created seems to have all the data correctly seeded from each hourly temperature data. I seem to setup the x-y coordinate values properly, too. But, the plot is not what I want. It means it is getting something else plotted and the plot should be in the horizontal, not in the vertical. The temperature should range between 10-30 degrees while the plot is in the order of 1000-3000 range. It is also complaining about the X and Y arrays:

warning:sfXArray is not a valid resource in profiler_xy at this time
warning:sfYArray is not a valid resource in profiler_xy at this time
warning:cnMonoLineColor is not a valid resource in profiler_xy at this time
warning:ScalarFieldSetValues: coordinate array sfXArray requires 25 elements: defaulting
warning:ContourPlotSetValues: current transformation requires trXMinF to be within data coordinate range: resetting
warning:ContourPlotSetValues: current transformation requires trYMinF to be within data coordinate range: resetting

But, I don't see that is causing any problem in the plot.

Could you point me where I am doing wrong? Ncl script, command output and graphics file are attached. Thank you.


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