Re: How to panel vector plots with one same annotation

From: Mary Haley <haley_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed May 29 2013 - 16:04:36 MDT

Dear Hui Wu,

You ask a good question. There's no easy way to get a single vector reference box at the bottom of a set of paneled plots. This is because this object is not creatable on its own like labelbars are.

One thing you can do is turn on the vector reference annotation box for just one of the plots, and then set vcRefAnnoParallelPosF to a value like 1.3 to move it outside the right side of the plot.

I created an example, which I'm not done with yet. See example panel_31.ncl at:

These are the resources I set to move that box to the outside right of the plot:

  res@vcRefAnnoOrthogonalPosF = -1.09 ; move ref vector
  res@vcRefAnnoParallelPosF = 1.3 ; move ref vector over

and then inside the "do" loop that creates the 8 plots, I did this:

  do i=0,nlevels-1
. . .
;---Only turn on vector reference box for the upper rightmost plot.
    if(i.eq.1) then
      res@vcRefAnnoOn = True
      res@vcRefAnnoOn = False
    end if

I thought about trying to recreate the box myself using calls to gsn_polyxxx like you suggested, but I think it might be awkward trying to get the length correct for the arrow.


On May 28, 2013, at 10:06 AM, wuhui wrote:

> Dear all,
> In vector plotting, I see that both gsn_vectorXXX and wrf_vector
> give a annotation about the vector for each draw (vcRefAnnoOn =
> True). Here is my question: How could NCL panel several plots
> (e.g. plot by wrf_vector) in one figure with only one same
> vector annotation after vcRefMagnitudeF and vcRefLengthF have
> been set to fixed value? I didn't find such figure in webpage.
> Is there a way like paneling contour plots in wrf (PanelPlot =
> True).
> An work-round maybe that set vcRefAnnoOn = False for each plot,
> then add a big vector annotation at the bottom for the figure
> using polygon and polyline elements? If so, where should I get
> the information of vector? Could I use the information in class
> "VectorPlot"? Any suggestion or better idea?
> Best Regards,
> Hui Wu
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