Skew-T plotting issue

From: Vollaro, David <dvollaro_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Jun 10 2013 - 15:46:36 MDT


        I am trying to combine a skew-t plot with another using gsn_attach_plots. In order to do this I have to suppress drawing and the call to frame. I cannot seem to get the skewt plotting program to suppress drawing. Previous to the call I set

  skewtOpts@gsnDraw = False ; Don't draw the plot or advance the
  skewtOpts@gsnFrame = False ; frame in the call to gsn_xy.
 skewt_bkgd = skewT_BackGround (wks, skewtOpts) draw (skewt_bkgd)
Despite these calls most of the background(save the black frame and labels) plot out. Upon searching through the skewt_func.ncl file it appears that the gsnDraw suppressions work with the call to gsn_xy(line 357). However, once the calls to gsn_polygon are called the background starts to draw.
I tried setting the gsOpts in the polygon draw to suppress drawing but got the following warnings:

warning:gsnFrame is not a valid resource in graphic_style at this time
warning:gsnDraw is not a valid resource in graphic_style at this time

Is there a way to delay the calling of polygon/markers to the background is not drawn until I call gsn_attach_plots? Attached is the plotting script along with the sample dataset. Thanks for your help..

Dave Vollaro

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