Warning:NclGRIB: Unrecognized parameter table

From: Soline Villermois <villermois.soline_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Jul 03 2013 - 01:23:31 MDT

Good morning,
I have a grib1 file that I want to convert into a NetCDF format. I'm using
this command :

> ncl_convert2nc gribfile.grb

Here is the error I'm getting :

> warning:NclGRIB: Unrecognized parameter table (center 0, subcenter 0,
table 255), defaulting to NCEP operational table for standard parameters
(1-127): variable names and units may be incorrect

I take my file on the FOAM site, doesn't seem to be an obsolete site.
Anyway, the error means my file is incorrect?


*Soline Villermois*

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