Re: Warning:NclGRIB: Unrecognized parameter table

From: David Brown <dbrown_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Jul 08 2013 - 13:33:28 MDT

The problem is 1) for the parameter table 255 means "missing"; and 2) center 0 does not exist. The first valid center is 1 (see

So there is no recognized table to use to interpret the parameter identifiers. NCL does the only thing it can in this situation, which is default to the most commonly used default table.
You will need to get local information from the distributors of the FOAM data. They may have their own table that they expect you to use. If you can get this information from them, it is possible to format it in a text file in a way that NCL can understand. See

On Jul 3, 2013, at 1:23 AM, Soline Villermois <> wrote:

> Good morning,
> I have a grib1 file that I want to convert into a NetCDF format. I'm using this command :
> > ncl_convert2nc gribfile.grb
> Here is the error I'm getting :
> > warning:NclGRIB: Unrecognized parameter table (center 0, subcenter 0, table 255), defaulting to NCEP operational table for standard parameters (1-127): variable names and units may be incorrect
> I take my file on the FOAM site, doesn't seem to be an obsolete site. Anyway, the error means my file is incorrect?
> Regards,
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> Soline Villermois
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