Re: Y axis range of contour/vector plot

From: David Brown <dbrown_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Aug 08 2013 - 14:12:04 MDT

The reason trYMin/MaxF are not working is because the Y-Axis has an irregularly spaced coordinate space. NCL does have any way to know how to extend an irregularly spaced coordinate space beyond the defined range of the coordinates. Whether it is an XY plot or not has nothing to do with it. I think you could get these resources to work if you linearize the Y Axis using the gsnYAxisIrregular2Linear resource.

Another possible option is to allow the vectors to extend outside the viewport boundary by setting vpClipOn to False. However, you might then need to adjust the positions of some of the annotations to avoid a messy look.

On Aug 8, 2013, at 1:54 PM, Jian Zheng <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I make a pressure-longitude plot with Y axis from 1000mb to 200mb. The vectors at the boundaries (1000mb and 200mb) are invisible. I'd like to enlarge the Y axis range (say from 1010 to 190) to make the vectors visible. How can I do this? The resources trYMinF/trYMaxF only work for xy plot.
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> Jian
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