Regrid NCEP grid(2.5x2.5) to unstructured SEgrid(clm data)

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Date: Mon Sep 16 2013 - 00:34:14 MDT

Dear NCL experts.

Now I'm trying to regrid from NCEP grid(144x73 or 360x180) to SEgrid(160216
or 1033160) to make the clm initial using the NCEP data.

So, I tried to utilize the ncl code, "ESMF_regrid_25.ncl".

But it needs to weight file to regrid.

I don't have weight file and I don't know how the weight is calculated.

Could you tell me how to calculate the weight?

Thanks in advance.

In-Won Kim
Intergrated Climate System Modeling Lab.
Department of Environmental Atmospheric Sciences
599-1 Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu
Pukyong National University,
Busan, S.Korea
Tel. +82-51-629-6643
Fax +82-51-629-7991

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