Problem with procedure write_table

From: Sven Eiermann <sven.eiermann_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun Oct 13 2013 - 04:41:54 MDT

Hello everyone,

when trying to write a string variable to a file with write_table I always
get this error:

>> fatal:Argument type mismatch on argument (2) of (write_table) can not
coerce <<

I think its occurring because the variable I try to write has to much
Here is the output of printVarSummary(soil_moisture_string) where
"soil_moisture_string" is the variable I want to write to a file
with write_table:

>> Variable: soil_moisture_string
Type: string
Total Size: 4 bytes
            1 values
Number of Dimensions: 1
Dimensions and sizes: [1]
Number Of Attributes: 0 <<

I guess the error I mentioned above is because of the "Number of
Attributes: 0" in the metadata of the variable(?).

Is there a way to avoid this error by deleting this kind of metadata or
something similar?

Any help is much appreciated!
Thank you in advance!


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