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Date: Fri Oct 18 2013 - 09:50:38 MDT

Hi Rashid,
So you know, in the future, it's usually best to include your script in
your innitial ncl-talk email so users outside of NCAR can look. Looking
at your script, I don't see anything wrong NCL coding wise. You're
reading in NPP and TOTECOSYSC, setting NPP to @_FillValue where it
equals 0, and then dividing TOTECOSYSC by NPP and writing the result to
a file to be plotted in an outside programming language. You are
grabbing NPP and TOTECOSYSC from a file where you averaged 10 years of
monthly CLM data into one timestep. I do not have any experience
calculating the C-residence time, so I don't know if that is the proper
procedure to go through or not.

If you do not get any further responses on NCL talk, I would suggest
posting this question to the CESM bulletin board
( under "Land Modeling with CLM" under Science
Issues. They might be better able to answer whether your calculation
method is correct.

On 10/17/2013 09:38 AM, Rafique, Rashid wrote:
> Hi NCL team
> I was trying to calculate the C residence time by using two variables
> "TOTECOSYSC and NPP". I feel like m not doing right because the
> graphics doesn't look right to me. I also want to give unit in years
> for residence time of C.
> Can you please have a look ?
> My files are located at
> /glade/scratch/rrafique/archive/RESULTS/CLM4_SpinUp/Last_10_years
> the code i am using is "Calculate_residence_time.ncl" and
> the data file i am using is " <>"
> The map I produced is attached here.
> I want to map a spatial distribution of the residence time over globe.
> I ll be glad for you help.
> Regard
> *Rashid Rafique*
> University of Oklahoma
> Norman, OK 73019
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