Issues plotting up NETCDF fire emission data

From: Derek Mallia <tartanrunner25_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Oct 17 2013 - 17:24:24 MDT

Hello, I am sending this email in regards to some issues that I am having when plotting up fire emission data from a netcdf file that I am working with. Whenever I try to plot up this data I get a blank map with no contoured or shaded values. To make sure that I wasn't working with a blank file I looked at the specified file in ncview (I also checked for the max value which was 300 something in this case) where there were a few non-zero points. I am wondering if there is a potential dimension issue with this file as I get an odd label when plotting up the data with ncl where a "Lon" label is plotted on the y axis as seen here:  It should also be noted that there are no warnings/errors when running this script. Some of the specifics of the file: It contains fire emission data for CO and CO2 and both of these variables have 2 dimensions (lon x lat) (251 x 201) with a resolution of .1 degree.  My basic script can be found below (took out a loop which would go through each dated file as I tried making the script as simple as possible). One of the data files (netcdf formatted) I am working can also be found in the link below: Thanks! Derek Mallia

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