Map tickmarks on regional cylindrical equidistant contour plot

From: Teresa Parker <tess.parker_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Oct 28 2013 - 20:37:08 MDT

When doing a cylindrical equidistant plot of contours over a regional map,
using mpMaxLatF etc. commands, the lat/lon tickmarks are evenly spaced
around the borders of the plot. They do not, however, correspond to the
exact positions of the map gridlines, as the projection is curved over a
plot of about 160 deg lon and 60 deg lat in extent. I have attached a
simple script, which requires no external data files, and the resulting

The script mptick_9.ncl gives a function, "add_map_tickmarks", which allows
the explicit indication of where to place tickmarks on a map. However, the
add_map_tickmarks function does not apparently work on cylindrical
equidistant (the default) maps. Any ideas for placing the tickmarks
correctly, so that a plot with gridlines will have tickmarks in the right
place, as per the result of mptick_9.ncl for a different map projection?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Tess Parker
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School of Mathematical Sciences
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