getfilevardimsizes returning _FillValue for NetCDF4 files opened with addfiles

From: Keith Lindsay <klindsay_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Nov 20 2013 - 14:33:42 MST


When I call getfilevardimsizes on a file reference returned from an
addfiles (note the 's') called on NetCDF4 files, I get _FillValue.

The attached script demonstrates this problem, when run on CISL systems
where /glade is mounted.
It accesses CCSM4 output located in the directory
That directory has NetCDF3 model output
(b40.20th.track1.1deg.005.pop.h2...) , and duplicates converted to
NetCDF4 with the command "ncks -4 ..."

The script opens the NetCDF3 files with addfiles, and prints the
dimensions of TEMP from the first file.
It prints the proper values.

It then does the same for the NetCDF4 files and prints -2147483647.

Could this be looked into please?

I get this behavior on geyser with ncl 6.1.2 and 6.2.0.

Thanks, Keith

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