Fwd: Error while accessing RANGS, please respond

From: Alberto Mario Striedinger Pinilla <astriedinger_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sat Dec 14 2013 - 13:14:03 MST

​Dear all,

I am having 2 problems when plotting contour maps of a variable with ncl
6.1.2. Please let me know what could be causing these to happen:

Problem 1:
I am plotting while accessing RANGS. I have no problem if I use the medium
or low resolutions. But once I try to use RANGS I get these errors:

fatal:PlotManagerPostDraw: error in plot post-draw
fatal:_NhlPlotManagerDraw: PostDraw error

I thought the problem was permissions and ownership, but all folders and
files (including .nc files) are not restricted.
At the end I do get the plot I want but, the coast lines do not appear, and
the labels, titles, and other texts in the plot do not appear either.

Problem 2:
This may be a trivial problem, but I Say it anyway​
​My colour scale is nit working properly, I am using the colour name :
WhViBlGrYeOrReWh") --line : 347 in the code
But the colours appearing are not those set in the NCL website. THe NCL
default colours do work though.

The RANGS in my directory are all in the same folder rangs, and where
recently replaced yesterday just in case I happened to have bad files, but
that did not help either.

I am providing two plot files, one that works under the lower resolutions,
and the one using RANGS.
I am providing the code I used, the file from the variable comes from, and
this is the code line I used when executing the commands on bash:

~/Documents/thanet/test/wrfout_d03_2010-03-19_00\:00\:00 y y 51.27 1.27
51.67 1.8333 HFX 0 nc -62 -45 2

where : ~/Documents/thanet/test/wrfout_d03_2010-03-19_00\:00\:00 is the
file location
where: y y 51.27 1.27 51.67 1.8333 HFX 0 nc -62 -45 2 is the input to my
The code line wehre I use the map resources for the RANGS is : --line 282

I thank you in advance, and look for your response.


Alberto M. Striedinger. P.
Student Intern Researcher at MeteoConsult .NL.
MSc. Sustainable Energy Technology
Eindhoven University of Technology
BSc.Mechanical Engineering
Universidad del Norte & USF

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