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From: Mary Haley (haley AT XXXXXX)
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 09:25:54 MST

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    > >I would appreciate feedback, positive or negative, on whether this
    > >new version fixes the above problem that some people were having.
    > Just made it through my first NCL install under OS X 10.2.3 with
    > the above NCL version. I did *not* see the previously reported
    > error so it appears fixed. What I did trip over, and this may not
    > be a NCL issue, was a copy of /sw/lib/libdl.dylib with the wrong
    > name (NCL wanted libdl.dylib but Fink/dselect apparently named
    > it libdl.0.dylib). I haven't looked into this any deeper than
    > copying and renaming the lib (which fixed things) so I couldn't
    > say if this is a new version of dlcompat or a bug somewhere else.
    > But I did want to let people know this bump exists.

    Thanks for pointing this out. I haven't heard of anything like
    this. It sounds like maybe a hiccup in the dlcompat install? We
    installed dlcompat about a year ago on the Mac, and haven't touched it

    > also, it would be nice for OS X-specific install instructions
    > to be documented in one place. I got a little lost in the process
    > of getting Fink/dlcompat installed before I could test ncl itself.
    > for example, I think I only saw that dlcompat was a prereq after
    > I accepted the license. to check again, I'm not sure how I'd
    > access that info w/o reaccepting the license -- though being wrong
    > about this wouldn't surprise me at all right now. (ok, Google finds
    > the announcements for OS X so that's *one* way to do it...) NOT a
    > huge problem, just a modest "quality of life" issue.

    That's a good point. I'll look into cleaning this up. I've actually
    got a long set of notes for the MacOSX/NCL install, in case users are
    starting with a new system and don't have some of the other required
    packages. Apple is starting to include some them as part of their
    standard distribution, but for some older machines, you still need to
    install the GNU compilers, an X server, dlcompat, etc.


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