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From: ENOMOTO Takeshi (eno AT XXXXXX)
Date: Sun Oct 26 2003 - 17:29:00 MST

Dear all,

Adam Phillips and and Dennis Shea kindly answered my question.
I would like to share their answer.

On 2003.10.23, at 02:12 PM, ENOMOTO Takeshi wrote:

>> I am trying to attach a map drawn with gsn_csm_map_ce below a
>> Hovmoller
>> (drawn with gsn_csm_contour rather than gsn_csm_hov for some reasons),
>> following the example, panel_10.ncl.

> Dennis and I have been looking at your script, and we figured out why
> it wasn't
> working. For one reason or another, the function gsn_csm_map_ce (draws
> a blank
> CE map) will not work with gsn_attach_plots.
> I circumvented the problem by using gsn_csm_contour_map_ce and using a
> dummy
> array. I then set the contour lines to be transparent. I set other
> resources to
> clean it up a bit, for instance vpHeightF had to be set, or the label
> bar went
> off the page. You may want a bigger CE plot attached, if so, use
> mres@mpShapeMode = "FreeAspect",
> and then also set mres@vpWidthF/mres@vpHeightF....

Dr. Takeshi Enomoto
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Frontier Research System for Global Change

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