Re: missing contour line labels

From: Paul Nutter (pnutter AT XXXXXX)
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 12:19:50 MST

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    Thanks, Sylvia and Mary:

    A few labels now appear with cnLineLabelPlacementMode = "Computed", or
    when using gsnMaximize = True. The use of either statement does the
    trick - a useful lesson.

    The new "cnLineLabelDensityF" resource is not in version a030, but the
    documentation suggests you will release it soon in version a031. My
    results are satisfactory for now, but still looking forward to fooling
    with the new resource.

    Paul Nutter

    Mary Haley wrote:
    >>Hi paul,
    >>i am at purdue and can not look at your script specifically,
    >>but I should let you know that NCL's contour line label density is
    >>frequently zero for many plots where you think there some be some.
    >>this was recently fixed with the addition of some new resources. Check out
    >>my contour line label example page at:
    >>example 5 in particular demos these new resources.
    > Paul,
    > If the above example doesn't help in your situation, send me email
    > personally and I'll see if there's something I can do.
    > One thing I did notice in your script is that gsnMaximize is not being
    > set to True. This might make your plot larger in the plotting frame,
    > and thus allow more room for contour labels to appear. The contour
    > labelling algorithm is a complicated one that looks at distances
    > between adjacent contour lines and line gradients (among other things)
    > to determine if a contour line should be drawn. By making your plot
    > larger, this increases the amount of space between contour lines, and
    > thus the algorithm might slip in a few more contour labels.
    > --Mary
    >>On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Paul Nutter wrote:
    >>>This script draws pressure contours over a map on a native grid. Can
    >>>anyone guess why it does not draw contour line labels?
    >>>I've tried explicitly setting many resource attributes for contour line
    >>>labels and drawing order... the script below is stripped to bare
    >>>essentials but still does not draw line labels as it should by default.
    >>>I don't need to attach 2D lat/lon attribute data to draw the contour map
    >>>since "res@tfDoNDCOverlay = True" (it's not to be projected by NCL).
    >>>Does that somehow create problems for contour line labels? The pmsl
    >>>array is dimensioned pmsl(nx:ny) when read from NetCDF file.
    >>>I'm running NCL version 4.2.0.a030
    >>>Paul Nutter

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