FW: Cygwin/home directory?

From: Lisa Di lorenzo <Lisa.Dilorenzo_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 21:43:30 +0100


Hello All,

   I'm following the on-line instructions for installing NCL under
(http://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Download/cygwin.shtml#InstallCygwinX).. I've
installed Cygwin/X on my PC (with Windows XP), including all of the
packages in the installation process which I was instructed to by both
the Cygwin website and by the NCL website installation instructions.

   The problem which I am having is at Step 5 in the instructions at the
above quoted NCL website. The instructions say "to make sure that these
changes [to .bashrc and .cshrc files] take effect right away, you can
"source" the files, or completely exit your Cygwin/X window and start it
up again. Here's how to source the files:"

        source .cshrc


However, when I type this above line into my Cygwin window, then the msg
reads "bash: .cshrc: no such file or directory".


Has anyone encountered this problem, or is anyone up to investigating


The issue could be related to the fact that I did not have a /home
directory within my Cygwin file, in which to modify the .cshrc and
.bashrc files. Instead, I 'found' files called csh.cshrc and
bash.bashrc in a folder C:\Cygwin\etc and modified these. I then saved
them under a home directory which I created with a subfolder 'MyName',
and I saved the modified versions in the etc folder where I found them.
I also saved them as their original names, and copies with just '.cshrc'
and '.bashrc' as filenames.


My computer is set up as follows:


C:\cyginstall includes setup.exe and an ftp% folder with packages


C:\Cygwin including the following sub-folders:





Home (which I created with sub-folder 'MyName')







Could the trouble have something to do with my PATH? I don't really
understand how to change the PATH or what it means, but when I type DIR
in the Cygwin window, it displays the contents of my G: drive on my
computer, not the C: drive.



Any suggestions or assistance is VERY appreciated.




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