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From: David B. Reusch <dbr_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 11:52:41 -0500


I fear the celebration was premature. I added res_at_tmYLFormat, then
started messing with resPanel_at_gsnPanelBottom and noticed I was still
getting different sized pages. I was adjusting gsnPanelBottom to try to
get my text label timestamp visible (you'll see it only shows up on pg 2).

Updated files are here:

Note: I've often had to go through much trial & error before such labels
are placed satisfactorily on a paneled figure, i.e., trying to find an
x,y spot in NDC coordinates not covered by the panel, even when I've
added more space around the panel. This is probably a problem inherent
to working in different coordinate systems (NDC vs panel?) but I've
often wished I didn't run into it so often.


Adam Phillips said the following on 11/10/06 6:17 PM:
> Hi Dave,
> This was tricky to figure out. (My thanks to Mary for an assist.) NCL
> determines what space to allocate to each paneled plot by looking at
> the size of the first panel (the plot in the leftmost column, top row).
> The Y-axis labels in your first and third pages have 2 digits (50.),
> while the Y-axis labels in your second page have 3 digits (52.0). (NCL
> decided to not print out the 0's on the Y-axis labels for plots 1 for
> pages 1+3, and to print them out on page 2. Why? I have no idea.)
> Anyway, since the first plot on page 2 is slightly larger (due to the
> larger Y-axis labels), NCL allocates more space to the other 11 plots
> on the page, and the paneled plot is made smaller.
> The fix for this is to eliminate all unwanted 0's in the Y-axis
> labels, and example 8 of the tickmark applications page shows how to
> do this:
> Add this to your individual plot resource list and page 2 should be
> sized comparably to pages 1+3:
> res_at_tmYLFormat = "f"
> Good luck,
> Adam
> David B. Reusch wrote:
>> I am creating a 3 page plot with 20 xy plots on each page (panelled
>> as 4 rows x 5 cols). instead of all 3 pages having the same layout
>> (plot sizes, margins, etc.), the 2nd page is smaller than the other
>> two. I've been using NCL for similar multipage plots for a long time
>> and this is the first time I've run into this. I see the same thing
>> on a032, a033 and a034 (all on OS 10.4.8). the link below connects
>> to a file with the script, sample output and supporting files.
>> thanks in advance for help/explanations of this weirdness!
>> dave

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