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From: Adam Phillips <asphilli_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 16:17:16 -0700

Hi Dave,

This was tricky to figure out. (My thanks to Mary for an assist.) NCL
determines what space to allocate to each paneled plot by looking at the
size of the first panel (the plot in the leftmost column, top row).

The Y-axis labels in your first and third pages have 2 digits (50.),
while the Y-axis labels in your second page have 3 digits (52.0). (NCL
decided to not print out the 0's on the Y-axis labels for plots 1 for
pages 1+3, and to print them out on page 2. Why? I have no idea.)

Anyway, since the first plot on page 2 is slightly larger (due to the
larger Y-axis labels), NCL allocates more space to the other 11 plots on
the page, and the paneled plot is made smaller.

The fix for this is to eliminate all unwanted 0's in the Y-axis labels,
and example 8 of the tickmark applications page shows how to do this:

Add this to your individual plot resource list and page 2 should be
sized comparably to pages 1+3:
res_at_tmYLFormat = "f"

Good luck,

David B. Reusch wrote:
> I am creating a 3 page plot with 20 xy plots on each page (panelled as 4
> rows x 5 cols). instead of all 3 pages having the same layout (plot
> sizes, margins, etc.), the 2nd page is smaller than the other two. I've
> been using NCL for similar multipage plots for a long time and this is
> the first time I've run into this. I see the same thing on a032, a033
> and a034 (all on OS 10.4.8). the link below connects to a file with the
> script, sample output and supporting files.
> thanks in advance for help/explanations of this weirdness!
> dave

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