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Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 20:38:50 MST

Use the floattointeger function ??



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Sorry the do just entered in the email, I don't actually have it in the
script. My problem is that it's returning False, not True...


I want x to be always an odd whole number, so say x=12.3


xround = round(x,0) will be 12

a = xround/2 will be 6, except even though it's a whole
number, it's still not an integer, it's a "float" like x was originally.


So when I test with isinteger it gives me False and doesn't execute the
statement. Intuitively I though the number would "convert itself" to
integer if it was a whole number but of course it stays what it is. I
just wanted to add 1 if my number was even, because I only wanna work
with odds.


Any easier way to sort between odds/evens?




On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 6:23 PM, Dennis Shea <> wrote:

The function returns a logical value [True / False]

       function isinteger (
       return_val [1] : logical <====


if ( isinteger(a) ) then ; <<< This is if (True) then

end if

Why do you have "do a=a+1"
Where did that come from

On 1/27/11 8:13 PM, Paula Doubrawa Moreira wrote:

        Can anyone help me use if statements and logical structures
        how do I use the function "isinteger" with an if statement?
        I've tried:
        *if ( isinteger(a) ) then*
        *do a=a+1*
        *end if*
        *if ( isinteger(a) .eq. "True") then*
        *do a=a+1*
        *end if*
        I've tried moving things around in the if statement and even
though I
        know that a is an integer, it's not recognizing my if statement
        executing the command!
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