Re: country averaged value?(political map?)

From: Mary Haley <haley_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri May 27 2011 - 09:18:27 MDT

If you have the lat/lon coordinates for your country (you can usually get this from a shapefile), then you can use the gc_inout function to trace each lat/lon point of your country, and determine whether a point on your precipitation grid is inside or outside the country.

Please see examples 4 and 5 on the shapefiles page:

Here's the documentation for gc_inout:


On May 26, 2011, at 7:10 PM, Kyungna Kim wrote:

> I cannot find anywhere how to extract country masked data.
> I mean I need one country's annual mean precipitation.
> It is easy to plot data on a specific country by using MapPlot resources(i.e., mpMaskAreaSpecifiers).
> However, if I would like to know a certain country's mean precipitaion amount and if I don't have any information of the country's lat/lon for masking, I can't extract the data over the specific country from original data.
> I've thought if I use the MapPlot reseource then it comes out, but it wouldn't!
> What should I do for this process?
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