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From: Luis Cesareo Cana Cascallar <luis.cana_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri Oct 11 2013 - 04:39:51 MDT

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your help. I've moved the reference vector into the plot because there is a label bar at the bottom of the figure and I thought that the reference vector would be overdrawn by the bar. I´ve looked for some ncl examples combining vectors, maps and contours. All of them use gsn_csm functions and procedures. However, I'm using the WRF-NCL package to plot them (wrf_vector). Perhaps this is the reason. The documentation of this function states that:
"Other vector resources are internally set by this routine:

  * vcGlyphStyle<> - "WindBarb"
  * vcWindBarbColor<> - "black"
  * vcRefAnnoOn<> - False (default is normally True)

How could I change this internal setting to vcRefAnnoOn to True, as it should?



El 10/10/2013, a las 17:40, Rick Brownrigg <<>> escribió
Hi Luis,

I don't really know for certain what's going on. However, what happens if you comment out this line:

opts_v@vcRefAnnoOrthogonalPosF = -.535

The docs for vcRefAnnoSide indicate its default setting is "Bottom", and further that vcRefAnnoOrthogonalPosF is constrained to be positive. I take it you're not get errors/warnings?

Hope that yields some insight…

On Oct 10, 2013, at 10:00 AM, Luis Cesareo Cana Cascallar <<>> wrote:

Dear all,

I'm trying to plot the 10m wind field over a map from a WRF-ARW output. Everything is fine except for the reference vector, because it´s never plotted
. The minimum wind is 0 m/s and the maximum is over 8 m/s, with a reference magnitude of 5 m/s. Could anyone see were is wrong the script? Perhaps because I've chosen a curly vector? Please, see attached files with the output figure and the code.


Luis Cana
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