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Data with 2D vertical coordinates

The examples on this page can also be used for terrain-following plots. This usually involves 2D arrays that represent the X,Y locations of your data.
2dvertcoords_1.ncl: The first frame shows the data on the original grid. The second frame shows the data linearized with a log-lin plot.
2dvertcoords_2.ncl: This example shows how to generate a cell fill plot by setting res@cnFillMode = "CellFill", and outline the cell edges so that you can see the original grid that the data are on.
2dvertcoords_3.ncl: This example is similar to the second frame in the first example, except it shows how to fill the area under the terrain in gray.

gsn_add_polygon is used to draw the filled gray area, and gsn_add_polyline is used to outline the terrain.

2dvertcoords_4.ncl: This plots an idealized 'solar anvil'.