Reporting NCL bugs

Use the NCL GitHub repo to report bugs (code, examples, documentation, etc). Click on the Issues tab and then the "New issue" button.

Before submitting a bug report:

  • Carefully read any error messages.

  • If it's a function or procedure that is the problem, read and re-read the documentation for that function or procedure.

  • Use simple procedures like printVarSummary, printMinMax, and print to examine data.

  • Make sure data has the correct units required.

  • Make sure your data doesn't have unexpected missing values.

  • Make sure your data doesn't need to have a scale factor and/or offset applied.

  • Examine a file's contents via "ncl_filedump" or "ncdump -h" ("ncdump" is for NetCDF files only).

When submitting a bug report:

  • Include the version of NCL you are running (ncl -V)

  • If it's an NCL script bug, provide a short and clean code that demonstrates the problem if possible.

  • Indicate the type of system you are on (uname -a).

  • Include exact error message you are getting, if any.

  • If there is no error message, then include a detailed description of the problem.

  • If the code requires data files or images, include information on where these files can be downloaed.

  • If you don't have a place to provide the large files, then you can use NCAR/CGD's ftp site to upload the files.