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NCL Resources

[Full alphabetical list of resources]

Resources are the means by which we modify NCL graphics. The first two letters of the resource define the resource type (e.g. cn for contour, mp for map). The exception to this are the gsn resources, which are generic resources that apply to many different types of plots.

Read the resource documentation carefully. There are some resources that only work when prerequisite resources are turned on or set to a particular value.

Specific Pages

Code Snippets for applying resources

    res                    = True
    res@gsLineDashPattern  = 4    
    res@xyDashPattern      = 4    
    res@xyDashPatterns     = (/2,5,12/) 
    setvalues obj
       "gsLineDashPattern" :  4
       "xyDashPattern"     :  4
       "xyDashPatterns"    :  (/2,5,12/)
    end setvalues