NCL Documentation



NCL and the Pivot to Python This page contains a detailed report and two supporting documents on the decision to put NCL into maintenance and adopt Python as the scripting language platform for further analysis and visualization software development.

NCL-to-PyNGL Transition Guide A manual and suite of NCL and Python examples showing how to convert NCL file I/O and graphical scripts to Python using various Python modules (NumPy, PyNGL, PyNIO, xarray).
NCL User Guide A combination of the Mini-Language Manual with an excellent introduction to NCL graphics. Recommended for users who are just learning NCL, or users who want to create more high-end NCL graphics.
Reference Manual Detailed document on NCL core language (syntax, variables, data types, array subscripting, command line options, etc.)
Reference Cards NCL Quick Reference cards for A4, legal, and letter sized paper
Introdução ao NCAR Command Language (NCL), com aplicações em Meteorologia (PDF file) Esta apostila propõe-se a oferecer uma introdução básica e didática à linguagem de programação do NCAR Command Language e as suas capacidades de plotagem gráfica.
Tutorial sobre o NCAR Command Language (NCL) (PDF file) Esse tutorial serve como apoio e soma-se aos existentes na internet como o manual produzido pelo Mateus Teixeira que está disponível no link abaixo.
Graphics gsn functions, resources, marker styles, colortables
Functions built-in, gsn, contributed, shea_util
Language operators, do loops, netCDF data model
Manuals NCL user guide, graphics, reference, mini-language
Using NCL in the Cheyenne environment How to run NCL interactively or submit batch jobs in the NCAR Cheyenne environment
Tools tools for metafiles and PS files (ctrans, idt, psplit)
NCAR Graphics Home page for NCAR Graphics
Error messages common error messages for NCL and how to fix them
Glossary glossary terms for NCL
HLUs Fortran and C interfaces to visualizations
PyNGL a Python language module of functions for visualizing scientific data
PyNIO a Python package that allows read and/or write access to a variety of data formats using an interface modelled on netCDF
Support running NCL on NCAR's supercomputers, user forum, online options