Uploading NCL scripts and/or data files using ftp

If you need to provide data files and/or NCL scripts to the NCL team, then you can use our ftp site.

If the data files are large (greater than 1 GB), or you have lots of them to upload, please check with the NCL team via ncl-talk@ucar.edu (you must subscribe first) before uploading anything, or email the NCL team member that has requested the files.


Open a UNIX terminal window and type the following, where file1, file2 represents the name of the file(s) you want to upload:

ftp ftp.cgd.ucar.edu
<enter your email address for the password>
cd incoming
put file1
put file2
. . .continue with 'put' commands until all desired files are uploaded. . .

When the upload is complete, send email to ncl-talk or the NCL team member that you've already been working with and include the exact names of the files, and the approximate size of each file.

For security reasons, you cannot list the contents of the 'incoming' directory. This is why we need to know the exact names of the files.

Potential issues

Occasionally the ftp site becomes full and you may not be able to upload file. If this happens, then email ncl-talk or the NCL team member and we will get the problem fixed.