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Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (CCCma)

The CCCma conducts research in coupled and atmospheric climate modelling, sea-ice modelling, climate variability and predictability, the carbon cycle, and a number of other areas. Model descriptions are availabe here.

NCL Comments

The command line utility ncl_filedump can be used to examine a file's contents.
crcm_1.ncl: Read multiple netCDF files containing 24 hourly values. One variable is contained on each file. The str_get_field is used to extract the name of the variable contained on each file. Daily averages are computed and a sample plot is generated for each variable. A netCDF file containing the daily averages is created. Optionally, the user can choose to pack the output into type "short" using the pack_values function. This reduces the file size by 50% at the loss of some precision.
crcm_2.ncl: Similar to Example 1 but the variable is precipitation flux and the values are every 3-hours. Hence, ntJump=8 since there are eight samples per day. An alternate graphical style is shown.