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NCL: Local Minima and Maxima

local_min calculates the local minima. It returns the x and y indices of the minima location, and the minima values.

local_max calculates the local maxima.

minmax_1.ncl: Calculates the local minima of some real world psi data and plots the original data overlaid with white dots that represent the location of each minima.
minmax_2.ncl: Same as example 1, except it calculates the maxima.
minmax_3.ncl: Shows how to label the minima and maximia on your plot using gsn_add_text.
minmax_4.ncl: Shows how to label the minima and maximia on your plot using gsn_add_polymarker. The WhiteBlue color map has 256 colors, so in order to use red and green markers, you have to replace the two of the colors using NhlSetColor. Also, in order to get the gray-filled land, you have to replace a color with gray.

In order to keep the gray, green, and red from showing up in the color contours, you must set gsnSpreadColorEnd to -4. (-1 represents the last color, so -4 represents the fourth from the last color). Additionally, gsnSpreadColorStart is set to 5 so we are using a symmetrical subset of the color map.

In NCLV6.1.0 and later, named colors do not have to be added to the color map, and hence you won't need to use NhlSetColor or set gsnSpreadColorStart/End.