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NCL Graphics: POP Streamlines

POP data that have 2D lat/lon coordinates can be plotted directly in physical space. To do this, simply read in the coordinates and assign them the following attributes:
       lat2d     = f->TLAT
       lon2d     = f->TLONG
       t@lon2d   = lon2d
       t@lat2d   = lat2d
For examples on how to modify streamline plots, please see the main streamline page.
popstr_1.ncl: Streamlines on the POP grid.

UVEL and VVEL are NOT zonal and meridional velocities in the lat/lon sense. They are velocities with respect to the model grid, which is locally rotated by ANGLE radians with respect to lat/lon directions. So to convert to zonal & meridional velocities, you need to project UVEL and VVEL onto zonal & meridional directions. Here's how :
    true_zonal_velocity = cos(ANGLE) * UVEL - sin(ANGLE) * VVEL  
    true_merid_velocity = sin(ANGLE) * UVEL + cos(ANGLE) * VVEL 
If you wish to convert regular lat/lon data to the pop grid, the following is used:
    uPop =  u*cos(rot) + v*sin(rot) 
    vPop = -u*sin(rot) + v*cos(rot)