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NCL: Wavelets

wavelet is the built-in function that computes wavelets.
wavelet_1.ncl: Computes power and significance.

wavelet_2.ncl: Recreates figure 1 of Torrence and Campo (BAMS, 1998). See the wavelet page for a link to Torrence and Campo's wavelet analysis page.

The gsn_contour_shade function is used to add stippling to an area of interest.

Thanks to Julie Arblaster for supplying the script.

wavelet_3.ncl: This example is similar to the previous one, except it demonstrates how to use fill scale and dot size resources to control the density and size of pattern and stipple shading patterns via gsnShadeFillScaleF and gsnShadeDotSizeF resources in gsn_contour_shade.

Available in version 6.5.0 and later.