Variable manipulators

array_append_record Attaches [appends] additional records [leftmost dimension] to a previously existing array.
delete Deletes variables, attributes, and coordinate variables.
merge_levels_sfc Merges a multiple level variable with the corresponding surface variable.
new Creates an NCL variable.
replace_ieeenan Changes all occurrences of IEEE NaN to a user-specified value.
rm_single_dims Removes (squeezes) singleton (degenerate) dimensions from an array while preserving metadata.
scale_values Scale the values of an array to a user specified range.
table_attach_columns Attaches [appends] additional columns to a previously existing two-dimensional array.
table_attach_rows Attaches [appends] additional rows to a previously existing two-dimensional array.
undef Undefines defined NCL symbols (functions, procedures, variables).