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Primitives examples

This module is a graphical index to the HLU and NCL NCAR Graphics examples that generate primitive graphical objects. The GraphicStyle object draws these primitives that include polygons, polylines, and polymarkers; the GraphicStyle object allows you to change their attributes, do clipping, and do transformations on them.

Click on one of the example graphics below to link to information about how to create the graphic and how to access the code and data that were used to generate the plot.

pr01: How to draw basic primitives using the GraphicStyle object with default settings.
pr02: How to change attributes of your primitives, like fill colors, line colors, and line thicknesses.
pr03: How to draw primitives in NDC space and do clipping.
pr04: How to draw primitives into an IrregularPlot object.
pr05: How to draw primitives overlayed on a MapPlot object.