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NCL Graphics: Boxplots

Note: You must load shea_util.ncl to use the boxplot function.

This function does not draw the boxplot or advance the frame, so you must do this yourself by calling draw and frame after the boxplot is created.

As the boxplot code does not use a gsn drawing function to construct the boxplot, note that the resources gsnLeftString, gsnCenterString, and gsnRightString will not work with the boxplot function. However, you can see example 12 on the text page if you need to mimic these three resources.

box_1.ncl: Default box plot.
box_2.ncl: Demonstrates how to set the color and line thicknesses of individual box plots.

gsLineThicknessF will set the line thickness of the boxes.

boxWidth and boxColors are function local resources that allow you to set width and color of the boxes.

box_3.ncl: Adds some polymarkers.

Uses gsn_add_polymarker to put the polymarkers on the plot. Recall that this a function that must be set to a dummy variable which is never deleted before the plot is created.

As of V5.1.0, the special gsnMaximize resource is recognized to allow you to maximize the size of the box plot, which is used in this example.

box_4.ncl: Adds some extra text.

gsn_text_ndc is the function used to draw the text.

box_5.ncl: Shows how to calculate and plot the median, minimum value, maximum value, and the 25th and 75th percentiles of two timeseries.
box_6.ncl: Reads data from an ASCII file and uses stat_dispersion to calculate a number of robust statistics on the data.

This script was contributed by Guilherme Martins of the National Institute for Space Research

box_7.ncl: Uses the same data as box_6.ncl, but creates a more customized plot with colored boxes.

Note the use of text function codes to plot accented characters like a cedilla. Example "text_14.ncl" on the text examples page shows how to create more of these special characters.

This script was contributed by Guilherme Martins of the National Institute for Space Research

box_8.ncl: This example shows how to create a box percentile plot, which is based on Esty WW, Banfield J: The box-percentile plot. J Statistical Software 8 No. 17, 2003. ( You must download the box_percentile_plot.ncl script in order to run this example.

This code was contributed by Frank Kreienkamp of DWD, which is based on code contributed by Carl Schreck and Adam Phillips.