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NCL Graphics: Contours without maps

conwomap_1.ncl: The first frame shows a default black and white contour plot. You automatically get a contour information label (cnInfoLabelOn).

The second frame sets cnMonoLineColor to False, which forces each contour line to be drawn in a different color depending on which contour level it represents. cnLineColors is set using span_color_rgba, in order to span the NCV_jet color map, which has 256 colors.

A Python version of the colored projection is available here.

conwomap_2.ncl: Changes the aspect ratio using vpWidthF and vpHeightF to better match the coordinates.

Creates color-filled contours using cnFillOn.

A Python version of this projection is available here.

conwomap_3.ncl: Demonstrates how to mask out mirrored data using missing data.

A Python version of this projection is available here.

conwomap_4.ncl: Similar to example 3, except several plots are created and paneled.
conwomap_5.ncl: Demonstrates how to change the Y axis to a logarithmic axis, by setting the special resource gsnYAxisIrregular2Log to True.