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Extract the user specified element from the bootstrapped values.

Available in version 6.4.0 and later.


	function bootstrap_estimate (
		xBoot   : numeric,          
		fpc [1] : float or double,  
		opt [1] : logical           

	return_val [ numeric value or array  ] 



An array containing the bootstrapped values in ascending order as returned by the bootstrap_* functions.


A scalar between 0 and 1 (0.0 < fpc < 1.0) which specifies the desired level.


Currently not used. Set to False.

Return value

All appropriate meta data are returned. Please use printVarSummary(...) to examine the returned variable.


A simple function that calculates the appropriate index value corresponding to the fraction fpc and extracts that value or array from the xBoot array. All appropriate meta data are returned.


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See Also

generate_sample_indices, bootstrap_stat, bootstrap_diff, bootstrap_correl, bootstrap_regcoef


Please see the Bootstrap and Resampling application page.

Example 1: Let x(N); y(N), N=100:

   nBoot       = 1000         ; user set
   nDim        = 0            ; or (/0,0/); dimension numbers corresponding to 'N'
   opt         = False        ; use all default options

   BootStrap   = bootstrap_correl(x, y, nBoot, nDim, opt)
   rBoot       = BootStrap[0] ; bootstrapped cross-correlations in ascending order
   rBootAvg    = BootStrap[1] ; Average of the bootstrapped cross correlations
   rBootStd    = BootStrap[2] ; Bootstrapped standard deviations
   delete(BootStrap)          ; no longer needed

   rBootLow    = bootstrap_estimate(rBoot, 0.025, False)   ;  2.5% lower confidence bound 
   rBootMed    = bootstrap_estimate(rBoot, 0.500, False)   ; 50.0% median of bootstrapped estimates
   rBootHi     = bootstrap_estimate(rBoot, 0.975, False)   ; 97.5% upper confidence bound

   printVarSummary(rBoot)    ; information only