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Calculates one-dimensional filter weights (deprecated).


	function filwgts_lancos (
		nwt    [1] : integer,  
		ihp    [1] : integer,  
		fca    [1] : numeric,  
		fcb    [1] : numeric,  
		nsigma [1] : numeric   

	return_val [nwt] :  float or double


Note: this function was renamed to filwgts_lanczos in version 4.3.1 to reflect the correct spelling of Cornelius Lanczos' name. While this function will still work with this name, we recommend using the correctly spelled version.

The cause for the misspelling was the original fortran subroutine was named

subroutine lancos (nwt,fca,fcb,nsigma,ihp,wt,resp,freq,ier)
The reason for six characters was that standard conforming fortran [prior to f90] required that variable and subroutine names be no longer than 6 characters. It was a common fortran extension to allow more than six but the standard specified a maximum of 6 characters. The subroutine name was inadvertently used when naming the NCL function.