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Returns the CPU time used by NCL.

Available in version 6.1.0 and later.


	function get_cpu_time (

	return_val [1] :  float

Return value

Returns the total CPU time in seconds used by the NCL process (user + system time) up to the point the function is called.


This function can be used to derive performance metrics of NCL scripts. The typical usage is to measure the execution time of "interesting" parts of the script; e.g., the time it takes to read data, or the time needed to perform a calculation, the time needed to generate a plot, etc.

The model for using this function is to bracket the portion of interest in the script with calls to get_cpu_time(), and then difference the results (see examples below).

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Example 1

Reporting the total CPU time used by a script:

     print("Total CPU time: " + get_cpu_time())
Example 2

Measuring the CPU time required to generate a plot:

   begTime = get_cpu_time()
   wks = gsn_open_wks(wksType, "myPlot")
   print("Plot generation time: " + (get_cpu_time() - begTime))
Example 3

Measuring the CPU time required for an extensive computation:

   begTime = get_cpu_time()
   pi = myFunctionToCalcPiToOneTrillionDecimals()
   print("Calculated PI in " + (get_cpu_time() - begTime) + " seconds")