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Reshapes a multi-dimensional array to another multi-dimensional array.

Available in version 6.1.0 and later.


	function reshape (
		val   ,                   
		dims  : integer or long   

	return_val [dims] :  typeof(val)



A multi-dimensional array of any type.


A one-dimensional array of positive values that represent the desired output dimensionality.


This function converts any multi-dimensional array to another multi-dimensional array. If the product of the output dimension sizes is not equal to the number of elements in the input array, it will exit with a fatal error.

Metadata are not copied, except for the "_FillValue" attribute. To copy metadata, use copy_VarMeta.

Note: a bug was fixed in version 6.1.1 which caused this function to only allow numeric types. It will now handle other types, like strings.

See Also

reshape_ind, conform, conform_dims, ndtooned, onedtond


Example 1

    x        = random_uniform(-100,100,(/10,20,30/))
    xreshape = reshape(x,(/200,30/))

Example 2

Consider x(ntim,nlat,mlon), where the 'ntim' dumension contains monthly data for multiple years, starting in January. Let's say that you want to create a new array 'xjfm' that contains just January, February, March values.

  nyears = ntim/12

  x4d  = reshape(x,(/nyears,12,nlat,nlon/))
  xjfm = reshape(x4d(:,0:2,:,:),(/nyears*3,nlat,nlon/))