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Converts from UTM to lat/lon using a specified datum.


	function utm2latlon (
		xy     : numeric,  
		datum  : integer   

	return_val [dimsizes(xy)] :  float or double



An array containing UTM coordinates. The leftmost dimension must be 2, with the 0-th dimension being the X coordinates and the 1-th dimension being the Y coordinates. This array must contain a "grid_zone" attribute.


A scalar integer indicating which datum to use.

Return value

A float or double array of the same size as xy with values containing the lat/lon values.


This function converts UTM coordinates to lat/lon coordinates, given a scalar or array of grid zones and a specified datum. The grid zone(s) must be specified as an attribute of xy called "grid_zone".

The recognized data are:

  • 0 = CLARKE_1866_DATUM
  • 1 = GRS_80_DATUM
  • 2 = WGS_84_DATUM
If any missing values are encountered in xy, missing values will be returned in the same locations in the return array.

If an invalid datum or grid_zone is input, or grid_zone is not set at all, then all missing values will be returned.

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Example 1

  xy           = (/285039.989723,3776960.118351/)
  xy@grid_zone = "11S"

  latlon = utm2latlon(xy,0)   ; 34.113, -119.331