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Interpolates CESM hybrid coordinates to pressure coordinates on an unstructured grid.


	function vinth2p_nodes (
		datai      : numeric,  
		hbcofa [*] : numeric,  
		hbcofb [*] : numeric,  
		plevo  [*] : numeric,  
		psfc       : numeric,  
		intyp  [1] : integer,  
		p0     [1] : numeric,  
		ii     [1] : integer,  
		kxtrp  [1] : logical   

	return_val  :  numeric



An array of 2, 3, or 4 dimensions. Needs to contain a level dimension in hybrid coordinates. The order of the dimensions is specific. The two rightmost dimensions must be level x nodes [e.g. T(time,lev,nodes)]. The order of the level dimension must be top-to-bottom.


A one-dimensional array containing the hybrid A coefficients. Must have the same dimension as the level dimension of datai. The order must be top-to-bottom. Note: These are expected to be normalized to one (1.0). If not, divide by P0.


A one-dimensional array containing the hybrid B coefficients. Must have the same dimension as the level dimension of datai. The order must be top-to-bottom.


A one-dimensional array of output pressure levels in mb.


A multi-dimensional array of surface pressures in Pa. Must have the same dimension sizes as the corresponding dimensions of datai (minus the level dimension).


Scalar integer value equal to the interpolation type: 1 = LINEAR, 2 = LOG, 3 = LOG LOG


Scalar numeric value equal to surface reference pressure in mb.


Not used at this time. Set to 1.


Logical. False => no extrapolation when the pressure level is outside of the range of psfc.

Return value

A multi-dimensional array of the same size as datai except that the level coordinate has been replaced by plevo. The function automatically copies the metadata from datai to return_val.

The type of the output data will be double only if psfc and datai are of type double. Otherwise, the return type will be float.


Interpolates hybrid coordinates to pressure coordinates. The type of interpolation is currently a variant of transformed pressure coordinates with the interpolation type specified by intyp. All hybrid coordinate values are transformed to pressure values. If datai is on midlevels (interfaces), then hyam/hybm (hyai/hybi) coefficients should be input.

This is the exact routine used within the original CESM Processor. The mixture of Pa for psfc and mb for plevo and p0 is specified by the source routine.

See Also

Use vinth2p_ecmwf_nodes for the extrapolation of temperature and geopotential below ground.


Example 1

The following required that the hyam be normalized to one. Here, the "cell" is the same as a "node". The copy_VarAtts which is located in "contributed.ncl" can be used to copy attributes.

  f    = addfile("", "r" )

  psfc = f->PS                  ; (time,cell)
  hyam = f->hyam                ; hybrid coef: mlev(19)                
  hybm = f->hybm 

  hyam = hyam/sum(hyam)         ; normalize so they look like CAM

  T    = f->T                   ; (time,lev,cell)
  printVarSummary(T)            ; [mlev | 19] x [cell | 20480]
  printMinMax(T, True)

; interpolate from model hybrid levels to pressure levels

  plevo = (/850,700,500,250,100,50/)
  plevo@units = "hPa"
  plevo!0     = "plevo"

  P0mb = 1000.                  ; reference pressure [mb]

  Tp   = vinth2p_nodes (T,hyam,hybm,plevo,psfc,1,P0mb,1,True)
  copy_VarAtts(T, Tp)      ; copy attributes
  printMinMax(Tp, True)

The resulting output looked like:

Variable: T
Type: float
Total Size: 32686080 bytes
            8171520 values
Number of Dimensions: 3
Dimensions and sizes:	[time | 21] x [mlev | 19] x [cell | 20480]
            time: [20080901..20080911]
            mlev: [1..19]

Number Of Attributes: 5
  long_name :	temperature
  units :	K
  code :	130
  grid_type :	cell
  coordinates :	clon clat
(0)	temperature: min=269.677   max=303.567

Variable: Tp
Type: float
Total Size: 10321920 bytes
            2580480 values
Number of Dimensions: 3
Dimensions and sizes:	[time | 21] x [plevo | 6] x [cell | 20480]
            time: [20080901..20080911]
            plevo: [850..50]

Number Of Attributes: 6
  coordinates :	clon clat
  grid_type :	cell
  code :	130
  units :	K
  long_name :	temperature
  _FillValue :	-9999
(0)	temperature: min=265.112   max=300.88