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Performs cosine of the latitude weighting on the given array.


load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/contributed.ncl"  ; This library is automatically loaded
                                                             ; from NCL V6.2.0 onward.
                                                             ; No need for user to explicitly load.

	function NewCosWeight (
		y  : numeric   

	return_val [dimsizes(y)] :  typeof(y)



An array of any numeric type that has at least two dimensions. The name of the latitude dimension is assumed to be "lat". The rightmost dimension is assumed to be longitude. Acceptable dimension orders are (lat,lon),(time,lat,lon),(time,?,lat,lon), (time,?,?,lat,lon).

Return value

The results are returned in an array the same size and dimensionality as y.


This function performs cosine of the latitude weighting on the given array. You can use it to overwrite the original array:

   x = NewCosWeight(x)
At each latitude, this function calculates the cosine of the latitude, and multiplies that result times the input data array at that particular latitude. A snippet from the coding:

   pi = 4.*atan(1.0)
   rad = (pi/180.)
   coslat = cos(x&lat*rad)    ; input array = x
   dims = dimsizes(x)
   numdims =dimsizes(dims)
   nlat = dims(numdims-2)
   if (numdims.eq.3) then
      do b = 0,nlat-1
         x(:,b,:) = x(:,b,:)*coslat(b)
      end do
   end if

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