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The Fortran name of this function is NhlFIsAllocatedColor.

This boolean function return True if a color has been assigned to a particular HLU color index, and False otherwise.

C Synopsis

#include <ncarg/hlu/hlu.h>
#include <hfile for Workstation class object>

NhlBoolean NhlIsAllocatedColor(
	        int	workid,
		int	ci

Fortran Synopsis

       subroutine NhlFIsAllocatedColor(workid, ci, isalloc)
       integer workid, ci, isalloc


workid (input)
Integer identifier of an instance of a Workstation class object
ci (input)
Integer color index in the range 0 through 255.
isalloc (output, Fortran only)
A flag indicating whether or not a color has been assigned to a particular HLU color index.


This boolean function returns True if the HLU color index is currently allocated for the specified Workstation object. Otherwise it returns False.

Return Values

The NhlIsAllocatedColor C function returns True or False depending on whether the color index is currently allocated, and the NhlFIsAllocatedColor Fortran subroutine returns this value in isalloc.

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