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The Fortran name of this function is NhlFName.

This function returns the "name" of an object.

C synopsis

#include <ncarg/hlu/hlu.h>

const char *NhlName(
		int	id

Fortran synopsis

      subroutine NhlFName(id, name_ret, ierr)
      integer id, ierr
      character*(*) name_ret


id (input)
Specifies the object identifier.
name_ret (output, Fortran only)
The name of the object specified by the id argument.
ierr (output, Fortran only)
Error code.


Type name:		NhlTErrorTypes
typedef enum _NhlErrType{
	NhlFATAL	= -4,	/* "FATAL"	*/
	NhlWARNING	= -3,	/* "WARNING"	*/
	NhlINFO		= -2,	/* "INFO"	*/
	NhlNOERROR	= -1	/* "NOERROR"	*/
} NhlErrorTypes;


This function returns the name of the object specified by the id argument. This is the name specified during the NhlCreate call that created the object.

Return values

The NhlName C function returns a valid const char* or NULL on error.

The NhlFName Fortran subroutine returns the error in ierr:

Value	|			Meaning
NOERROR	|	Object name successfully copied to name_ret
INFO	|	not possible
WARNING	|	name_ret wasn't big enough
FATAL	|	An invalid object id passed in.

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