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Style class

The Style class provides its subclasses with the ability to group attributes.


Header file:		ncarg/hlu/Style.h
Class name:		styleClass
Class pointer:		<Not referenceable>
Fortran class function:	<Not referenceable>
Superclass:		Base
Composite classes:	<None>


Local resources

The Style class does not define any public resources.

Composite resources

The Style object class has no composite class resources.

Superclass resources

The superclass of the Style object class does not define any resources.


The Style class is the non-instantiable superclass of a set of classes used to group the attributes of an entity in the HLU class library, in order to treat them as a unit.

Currently the Style class has one publicly accessible subclass: the GraphicStyle class.

Support functions

The Style class does not define any support functions, but inherits all the support functions available to its superclass.


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